Colombia Huila Monserrate


Monserrate is a community of 28 families some two hours down a bumpy dirt road from La Plata. The town itself consists of a single street draped along the top of a gorgeous ridge with a commanding view of the lush green valleys on either side. At the highest point in town sits a brick-clad church and bell tower. The coffee grown here is Caturra and Typica varietal. Each family has its own de-pulping and fermentation set up, along with raised drying screens protected from the rain by parabolic roofs of transparent plastic. The drying areas are set up on a slight incline, so that both ends of the tunnel can be opened to allow airflow across the coffee.

Cupping Notes: This Colombian is what I think of when I think coffee. It is great as a morning cup or anytime you just want to drink Coffee. As for flavors the Monserrate has an excellent Floral flavor that runs from the taste to the aroma. Even the last drop is full bodied, crisp chocolaty taste and a heavy finish.

Varietal: Caturra and Typica

Processing: Wet Processed (WP)

Grade: Excelso

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