Sumatra Mandheling


Generally when you think of Sumatran coffee, you are thinking about Mandheling. It is, in every sense of the word, a "classic". Sumatra Mandheling is one of the few coffees in the world that is known for the name of the people who are primarily responsible for growing and processing it rather than the name its region of origin. There is a legend that a Japanese soldier stationed on Sumatra during the second world war was drinking a cup of coffee and asked a man about the origin of it. The man was confused and thought he asked about his origin, and since he was part of the Mandheling ethnic group, he replied "Mandheling". After the war, a Japanese coffee merchant inquired about where he could purchase some "Mandheling" coffee to export, and thus the name stuck.

Cupping Notes: A Typical Sumatra with a creamy body and loamy sweet flavors. It also has all the wild jungle flavors and earthiness you would expect in a Sumatra.

Varietal: Bergendahl, Djember, Ateng, Catimor, Java

Processing: Dry Processed (DP)

Grade: 1

Certifications: Organic and Fair Trade

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