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Everybody needs a job and why not make money doing what you love. At Gen-X Coffee we love ...you guessed it - Coffee. We wanted other coffee lovers to experience it the same way we do; by enjoying the individual experimental roasting process, fair low prices whether buying 1 or 20+ pounds, and prompt convenient distribution of fresh coffee right to your door.

Coffee has been around since the 9th Century and is the second most traded commodity after oil. It is also an agricultural product with several varietals, roasting levels, and preparation methods. This means there are millions of ways your coffee can taste; and we believe the optimal way for an individual to enjoy the taste of their coffee is to truly make it their own. That's why we encourage people to enjoy the exciting and surprising process of experimenting with varieties and watching the amazing transformation of the visual development of the coffee bean from Green to Roasted. Try different roast levels,try coffees from all over the world, have fun blending, and then you'll gain an understanding of exactly how many wonderful tastes you have to choose from plus finding your favorite roasts, countries, blends or single origins. You'll find you don't have to just choose from a few well-known countries, varietal types, or roasting levels. Like with any other food or beverage,getting it just the way you like it is always the preferred way, and the same is true with coffee. You also have the satisfaction of sitting back enjoying that cup of coffee or shot of espresso and knowing you created it yourself. That's why we chose our slogan to be Taste The Bean Not The Brand...


Gen-X-Coffee has structured its' operation to serve everyone from the home enthusiast to the small and mid-sized roaster. Below are some of the special services that we offer to help you to taste the bean & not the brand:

  • We offer a wide variety of quality coffees from estates around the world

  • Fast flat rate shipping (most orders ship next day)

  • Discounts based on weight not type so you can feel free to try other coffees while stocking up on your favorites

  • Low everyday prices on all of our coffees with no surprises during checkout

  • Blending and roasting guides to help you get started



Gen-X-Coffee ... Taste The Bean Not The Brand


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